Impulsive control

“Impulsive control” is a free app that trains inhibition. One of the process that is included in the term of “executive funtions”. This process use to be trained from 6-7 age because since then children improve very quicly this process. Adults can also continue practising this ability which is very important for executive attention.

Inhibition is one of the basis of self control becasuse it requires inhibit an automatical response.

impulsive control

In this type of activity time is very important because the less time you have to response the more dificulties you have to inhibit response. Distractors should have also be considered in this kind of task to improve the process.

The game consist of tapping all the colours except the one indicated by the rules. Colors appear so fast that player have dificulties not tapping the ones “prohibited” by the rules. Number of target colors increase according to different levels (at the beggining only one color is a target, then two, trhee..)

Due to the importance of time in this kind of tasks, we may say this apps also trains speed procees (time in which information is processed)

We encourage adults also to try it, you will see how rain self control is not so easy.

¡We hope this app will be useful for you!



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