icon175x175 We are very glad to get you know this fantastic app developed by Tapp (www.tapp-mobile.com) in cooperation with educational experts, the creators of other application called “¿Qué tal estás?” or “How are you?” . In their website you can find all relevant information about their work.

Three graduates in Industrial Engineering united by a passion for design and technology, decided to create Tapp to  develop applications with a educational profile and provide a vision of the world´s renewal by mobile applications.

Today we present one of their apps, “Termotic”. For those who work with children with ASD, recognition problems or emotions identification problems, it is very useful to work with this app that teaches how to identify basic emotions and the intensity with which you feel them: happiness, anger, boredom or sadness.

It also contains a matching game of emotions with two modes of games:

– You have to choose an emotion and find the corresponding photo

– Termotic choose a photo and you have to select the emotion that represents it

You can play with 2, 4 or 6 emotions.

It also allows you create a personal diary with your own emotions to know how you felt any past day.

For our daily experience in working with such children, it is a very attractive and intuitive complementary tool that  children and adults really like. It’s perfect for children with or without expressive language because it is very simple to use, highly visual, requiring a low degree of understanding.

We hope you enjoy using this tool, we do it every day and we love it!

Download: https://itunes.apple.com/es/app/termotic/id832651985?mt=8



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