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As we promised, here we are like every week to recommend you a new app.

In this case, we focus on the procces of visual perception, a very important procces into our daily life, specially for children  reading and writting learning. This process is a good predictor for the learning of theses processes.

OA SILUETAS is an app from Orientación Andújar ( ), designed to train attention and visual perception problems.

logo app siluetas                        app Orientación Andújar siluetas 6

It contains 50 levels, each one divided in 5 phases. The game consists of selecting the same image as the model. The number of the stimuli increases level to level and, therefore, the difficulty level.

The download is FREE and it let you play 5 levels. At the present time, it is only available to Android Operating System but they are currently developing the app for Iphones and Ipads.

We use it daily with children with attention problems such as attentional deficit disorder (ADH), children with dyslexia,  ADS and so on… They love it!

We hope you also love it  and helps you in your daily life.


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