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Today we show you an app based on a clasic game known for everybody, Scrabble. This game consists of winning points bymaking words that appears on the dictionary, vertically and horizontally.


Despite modernity, the game have not lost its essence, but it has been renovated and now offers the possibility to play online with other users. However, you can always play against your tablet or smartphone.

According to their frequency, the letters provide more or less points. Always higher frequency has lower value. The board has also special boxes, which multiplies the number of points obtained: red boxes are “triple word”, oranges “double word”, dark blue “triple point” and blue “double letter”.

This game let you improve cognitive and behavioural abilities:  capacity to generate ideas, strategy, usage and vocabulary knowledge, probabilities calcultation to get more points, attention, planning, and so on.

Thus, we encourage you to download and play this game at least once everyday.

Available in Android and Ios. 



Be careful! You will be hooked!



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