The Great Brain Experiment (Brains!)

This week we show you a very interesting application because is not only conceived for training but to contribute to scientifical research. The Great Brain Experiment is a proyect founded by Welcome Trust Centre os Neuroimaging (2006) towards University College of London.

This app (updated on 2014) proposes a serie of exercices (for adults) to training the brain that last a couple of minutes: How do I deal pressure? How much can I hear? Can I predict future? How much can I recall? Am I impulsive? How much can I see? What makes me happy? Throught these exercices it is posible to train visual and auditory perception, memory, attention, speed process, inhibitory control and other executive functions as well as emotional aspects.

iPhone Screenshot 2After each trial, application provides feedback to user related to other players (percentage). In the case of the image showed (inhibitory control) player has to touch fruit which is not mature when it crosses the circles on the screen.

If player accept informed consent, data of his trial is sent to researchers who use it for neuropsychological analysis such as  what type of distractors have more influence in a particular working memory task or decrease in marks through age among others. For more information about scientifical research consult:

This app is free (in english) available on Aple store and Google Play:

We hope you like it!



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