Origami as an exercise to neuropsychology intervention in patients with perceptual difficulties is a great practice for both children and adults. Therefore, in the market there are applications to train these perceptual skills.

The app of this week it calls Paperama.

hqdefault Origami is the art of paper folding to make figures, which is often associated to Japanese culture.

In this app, the goal is to make  the figures that de app propose you with a limited numer of folds or trials. The figures can be as simple as this one below:

descarga (to make a simple triangle)

Or can be complex like a heart:


It is consists of 4 packages of levels. Each package is formed by 24 sub-levels that they are unlocked screen by screen as you finish the proposed figures.

We can train perceptual reasoning,  visual perception, motor cordination, and spatial orientation. Furthermore, we can improve the planning function whitin of theorical framework of executive functions.

We recommend this app from 9 years but specially for adults.

It is available in Android Operation System and Ios System.



We hope you like it!



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