Einstein™ Brain Trainer

This week we show you an application whose 30 exercices have been tested during development of  “Train your Brain with Dr. Kawashima” (Dr. Kawashima is a japanese neuroscientist focus on Alzheimer disease who has participated into development of others brain training programs).

Exercices are designed to train logic, mental calculation, memory and vision (it trains another cognitive processess such as executive functions-see examples below). Free verson allows to do a daily proof and one training session. It provides daily statistics and interesting scientifical information (for instance, brain areas related to each exercice).

One example of his excercice is “car race” where you should be concentrated and be aware of your position while other cars move to different positions on the trace, training so your working memory. Another example is “stone, paper or scissors”, in this exercice user should chose an option to win or lose accordind to stimulus on the screen. Order “win” or “lose” changes so appart from logic it trains cognitive flexibility.

This program is available for IOS, Android and Windows. His developers do not recomend a concret age to use it but we recomend it from 7 years old till oder adults.

Paid version cost 4.99 euros, an afordable prize comparing to other brain training programs.


We hope you enjoy it!



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