Sudoku Free

New week: new app!

      Sudoku Free. 


This app is especially designed for children because instead of  numbers (like classic sudokus) it uses images. Thus, the process is much more simple and atractive.

The game consist of filling the grid using images arranged trough the board without repeating any image in the same row, column or subgrid.

We have  chosen this app especially because it is very atractive and easy to use. It has 15 levels of difficulty intended for children from 6 years to old adults. 

Sudoku is a  logical and thinking game, entertaining and fun with very simple rules so it could be played by anyone. It improves not only focus and attention but organization skills.

Like any pastime, While it has a recreational function, also prevents cognitive impairment: people who often play sudokus or alphabet soup or any other pastime improve reasoning, memory, attention and logic.

Available for Android

Enjoy it!



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