Swipe de disc

Good morning everyone!

This week, we show you an app based on a classic psychological test: The Tower of Hanoi. This game is a puzzle made up of 8 disks each one with a different  radius that has to be inserted into each of the three poles that make up the board.

unnamed (1)

The game consists of changing the disks of the tower 1 to tower 3 following the rule  that it can not be moved more than one disk at a time, and it can not be put a disc over a smaller one.


With this app we improve some executive functions such as planning, control and organization. It trains these aspects because it requires anticipaticipation to solve the problem cognitively before moving discs. Therefore, control of impulsivity and flexibility are also implicitly trained because a person who is cognitively very rigid, tend to take the try the same way each time, systematically.

we recommend this app from 12 years.

It is totally free and available in Android OS.

Hope you like it! See you in the nets!




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