Tuli Emociones

Here we come another week more to show you a new app. In this case, we have chosen “TULI emotions.”


This app is a game created by developers of IBM Argentina, in the “On Demand Community” Corporate Citizenship program. It has been developed for ASDRA (Down Syndrome Association of Argentina).

This app stimulates the emotional area in children by recognizing everyday situations. Child selects faces that represent emotions describing the scene and dragging them from the initial position to them  final one. If movement is correct, the game continue with a new scene, otherwise, face returns to initial position.


Since the app has a lot of  scenes, we recommend to use this game, not only to identify the emotion but to work with the scenes understanding and analyzing each of the images displayed. Therefore, we do not use it exclusively for the purpose of identifying facial emotions but  to increase Children communication  and social reasoning skills.

People who have difficulty in these areas (emotion recognition and understanding social situations) are very often people with ASD, but this difficulty can also be found in other syndromes or disorders such us ADHD, SLI, Down Syndrome, people with prosopagnosia, brain damage, etc.

For all these cases, “Tuli Emotions” is a great tool to help to understand social situations.

We recommend this app from 3 years.

Available for Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tuli2.main

See you next week!




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