Visual attention Therapy

The app Neuroapp proposes you this week is called “visual attention therapy lite”. It is an app developed by “Tactus Therapy”.Task is very simple: you should tap a target (letter or symbol) as fast as you can scanning tidily (up-down, left-right); is is a tipical cancellation task.In this way, we foster visual selective attention and scanning patterns; doing this task in the minor time possible we also improve processing speed.

visual attention therapy

This app was designed for people with unilateral neglect (the consequence is to ignore one side of the space) or inattention due to stroke or brain injury, but it is also useful to train attention for people with attentional deficit disorder or children with dyslexia to foster normal scanning pattern in reading.

It allows to do a previous test or practise directly (10 levels fo difficulty), results can be send to user by email.

It is a free app, purchases allowed. Available on Apple Store:

We hope you find it useful!





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