Good morning Neuroapp followers! This week we show you a fantastic app to train emotional and social intelligence skills for children, such as frustration tolerance, impulsivity control, selfcontrol, social problems solving (assertivity) and emotions recognition.

Gomins is an app developed by psychologist  (Álava Reyes centro de Psicología in cooperation with Universidad Autónoma de Madrid). It is an app developed for children  between 3-10 years old to improve their emotional skills.


Gomins is an interactive app children and parents because provides information about child performance compared to other users with similar age. In this way the child’s parents can be aware of child weaknesess and strenghts in these skills (impulsivity control, frustation tolerance and so on). This could be a good reference to motivate child to reach different “missions” through the game fostering his abilities. Besides, scoring systems and other activities recomended from Gomins app can be implemented to reinforce social and emotional  intelligence in daily life (for example, readind a concrect story to better understand self control).

Games are simple and user friendly, for example “fruit festival” where user will obtain energy for his Gomin (mascot in the game), child has to pick the fruit when it is ripe enough, waiting to obtain better benefits. In this way we train self control. If the result is very low system provide some questions for parents to check child performace of these abilities in daily life, for example: “when losing a game, apart from giving up themselves,their anger is out of proportion and stamp their feet”.

More infomation in: www.gomins.es

Available for IOS and Android operative systems (price: 4.99 euros).



We hope you enjoy it!




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