SoBe Stories

The finding of this week is called SOBE STORIES, an app designed to  train social skills for the smaller kids.

Though it is an app in english, is designed in a  understandable way to any other language because  to visualize the situations that happen is the only requirement needed.

It allows user to choose the protagonist of the story, a boy or a girl, depending on the person who is using  the App. After choosing personage, app presents 4 situations (be kind, be responsible, be helpful and be safe) in which the protagonist will have to choose how to behave in each of them. In case of choosing the incorrect one, there will appear a negative feedback (the child or the girl will feel sad and will cry). In case of choosing the correct one, the same thing will happen, but with the positive feedback, child will appear very satisfied.

It is an application designed to improve children social skills  and specially for children with a diagnosis of autistic spectrum disorder.

It is totally free and it is available in Apple Store.

Download Ios:

See you next week!



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