Color Switch

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The app suggested this week is called COLOR SWITCH, a very attractive and enterteining app, destined for children from 6 years to adults.

The mechanism of the game is simple: you will have to make balls of different colors cross different obstacles. color of balls change, so you will have to take care and focus because ball only will be able to pass when his color machtes with osbtacle color.

It is very useful to work with children with ADHD diagnosis since it is based on  impulse control,  concentration, and attention. 

  Color Switch: captura de pantalla            Color Switch: captura de pantalla

Download Ios:

Download Android:

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Count Battle

Neuroapp found out this app we show you last week: “Count Battle”. According to title, we can deduce that is an app to play in pairs, but also offers the possibility to play one player to improve skills this app trains in an implicit way.

The game consists of touching the numers in rising orden before the opposite. The enterteining thing is that, depending on the way of game  or the difficulty that you choose, numbers will change position quickly. For all what you know  “Trail Making” test, we might say that it is the part  A of this test, an easy exercise. You must know the sequence of numbers, nothing more. 

The skills that improve through this app are diverse: rapidity, selective attention, concentration and coordination.

We encourage you to download it, and look for a person to play! In addition, it is totally free.

Download Ios:

See you next week!

Quite Hands

icon175x175The app we show you this week is for children with ADHD. This simple and ingenious app allows children to stay calm and sit in his place because the app only works when the child tap touchscreen with at least one  finger of each hand.

The application is a simple video which only starts when child tap the screen. In the moment in which the fingers get up, the app stops working and thus child stops viewing the video, until he returns to the correct position.


Also it is useful for children with autism because we can teach these skills and even avoiding the flutters. Therapist or adult who is with them, will have to give a verbal instruction such as ” Quite hands “, in order that the child may associate these words with the positive stimulus of viewing the video.

It is available for Ipad. It is an application for all the ages, but it will be more useful  for smaller children, from 3 years.

Price is 0,99 Euros.

For more information, here is the website:



New week…New challenges! This time we recomend you a free app where you may find exercices to train attention, maths, logical thinking and memory.

It has several levels of dificulty (easy,  medium and hard) and 4 types of exercices for each area. It fits quite well to adult level or up to 12-13 years old according to difficulty.


Some concentration exercices examples are the one where to find a different figure among others very similar (time score so we can also train processing speed), memory exercices such as, for instance, memorise a sequence of images and tap the one that is missed after solving and equation (which is and interference). Another example of logic exercices would be the ones where estimate visualising some balances which is the most heavy or lightweight, or maths exercice such as compare  operations to discern whether  result of one would be higher or lower, exercices of estimation and so on.

Totally free, available on Apple Store and Google Play:

Have a nice week!



Be focused

“Be focused” is an application that we recommend you to foster sustained attention (maintenance of attention in long lasting tasks) and time management (organization).

You can include tasks (for example: study, do a paper), and add a timer. In this way you organize time you want to dedicate to each task. It offers a record of  completed tasks (work intervals, tasks completed, duration) by day, weeks and month; So you can follow your evolution of time  you are able to keep the attention in a task (sustained attention) and the tasks performed (organisation)


We recommend it for adults who want to better manage their time (workers, opponents, students etc.) and even for children (over 12 years old) with difficulties of attention and / or time management.

Free app, available on Apple Store: Https://

Have a nice week!


This app is developed by neuropsychologist, launched on 2016. It is currently subject of PH. D research. This application is based on neuropsychological models known as “go / no go” and “N-back”


The mechanic of the game is to press the screen in the presence of a specific stimulus, for example: “click when you see a barking dog”. Depending on the block in which user are (vigilance vs. inhibition) he must press the screen seldom_ discriminated between possible distractors and thus maintaining state of alert_ what is known as “vigilance or attention”; Or, on the contrary, we must press many times_ to hold back an automatic response_ what is known as “inhibition or self-control”. It has 60 games distributed in 2 different blocks (vigilance and inhibition) and 2 different levels. Additionally, it is developed to train working memory (in some exercises the user must press the presence of a sequence, for example: “press if you see a 3 after a 6” thus updating the information in its operating memory), and processing speed as well as visual and auditory discrimination given the presence of both types of stimulus, which may appear as a target or as a distractor.

Nexxo has been thought to improve attentional and behavioral processes as well as training with people with attention difficulties (Attention Deficit Disorder and / or Hyperactivity), difficulties in self-control and regulation of behavior, or cognitive impairment (aging and / or dementias). Nexxo allows to evaluate the type of errors committed: commission errors (the user hit the screen when he should not), and, omission errors (the user did not press when he should).



Buttons and Scissors

unnamedThis week Neuroapp recommends  you an app to improve executive functions as plan, reasoninglogical thinking and impulsive control. 

Buttons and Scissors“.

The game is very simple: it is necessary to plan the way of cutting all the buttons that apear on the screen, taking into account that only can be cut the buttons of the same color simultaneously.


It is a very original, simple and intuitive application. Recommended for all the ages from 10 years.

Available in Ios and in Android. In addition, it is totally free.

Download Ios:

Download Android:

How many buttons you will be able to cut?

See you next week!

Slate Math

Good morning everyone! This week we show you a very complete app, “Slate Math”.  screen-shot-2014-06-09-at-6-23-34-pm

It is an  application for Ipad, in which children  train multiple mathematical processes across 38 playful activities. It is designed for children up to 6 years, though it is ideal for children with discalculia. In addition, it can be used to train other cognitive processes as selective and sustained  attention, reasoning and problem solving.

It contains activities of counting, exercises of major – equally – minor, writting numbers, etc.


It is available in several languages. Here is the donwlaod  link:

It is totally free, so we encourage you to prove and play with it.

We hope you like it as much as we do!

Smile and Learn

descargaToday we show you a summary of apps developed by the team of Smile and Learn in collaboration with educacional psychologists. (For more information, visit the web page: http: //

As they announce in their web, it is the first intelligent library of games and stories for children from 2 to 10 years old. It has got 10 apps totally free (rest of collection for 2,99 Euros), a total of 30 games tested by hundreds of educators, parents and children.


We can find applications like ” games of pairs”, “chess”, “bottom”, “puzzles”, “paint”, and so on.30 applications in order that the smallest kids could enjoy and learn at the same time.

It is available for tablets and smartphones iOS and Android. The first time that is opened, needs Internet connection to unload the library. Later, the children will be able to play without connection.

We hope that you like it!


This week Neuroapp proposes you to train selective attention, visual perception and processing speed with Vipsy.

This application contains 6 levels of difficulty and multiplayer options so several players can play at the same time. Task is very simple: you have to select the image which gather the caracteristics required (for example, a caracter with blue hair, glasess and closed mouth) and doing it in a limited time, so, proccessing speed is crutial factor to be the winner. You can play with faces or figures.


Available in Apple Store (1.99$) and Google Play (1.28 euros):

We hope you like it!