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Good news for Neuroapp followers! this week we show you and app for people with oral speech difficulties (such as dysarthria (very common in cerebral palsy), autism, dementia..) Pictograms are images that help the user to form sentences, device reproduces aurally those sentences.

Is not the only app for this functions but is intuitive and customizable (user may add favorite places or draw new pictograms). It has also some adaptations for user with motor disability.

More info:


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My PlayHome

This week Neuroapp team have found out an app to train social skills through “pretend play”, virtually!  What’s pretend play? pretend play is a form of playful behavior that involves nonliteral action. In this type of game children use objects or invisible objects using their imagination and creating a game with stories on it…have you ever played to be a pirate? tha’s pretend play. Pretend play foster symbolic thinking (mental representation of objects, situations), theory of mind (capability to interpret people thoughs and feelings) and divergent thinking (thinking about different alternatives, posibilities to apply in a situation or problem-solving).

My PlayHome is a virtual playhouse that encourage kids to make up their own stories, they can chose different scenarios, select different objects and chose how character (e.g children, family members…).  Also it is recommendable to teach routines.

We suggest it from 3-5 years old or with children with atypical play or difficulties on social skills such as autism.

More information:

There is a free version (lite) and other complete (4,49euros).

Download here:

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This week we are glad to show you an app developed children affected by autism, cerebral palsy, down syndrome and other developmental delays.


Through 10 learning games in one app child can train visual perception and organisation  (puzzles), color and shapes discriminations (a balloon game, which helps develop awareness of colors and shapes, attetnion (a Find-It activity which works on discrimination skills), fine motor skills (Feed the Frog) literacy (a letters game), and learning games that focus on matching, patterns, squares and tracing. Most of the games have nine levels. One of Inijii streghts is that games automatically adjust their level of difficulty based on the child’s progress.

Here you can see some examples:

Available on Aple Store:

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SoBe Stories

The finding of this week is called SOBE STORIES, an app designed to  train social skills for the smaller kids.

Though it is an app in english, is designed in a  understandable way to any other language because  to visualize the situations that happen is the only requirement needed.

It allows user to choose the protagonist of the story, a boy or a girl, depending on the person who is using  the App. After choosing personage, app presents 4 situations (be kind, be responsible, be helpful and be safe) in which the protagonist will have to choose how to behave in each of them. In case of choosing the incorrect one, there will appear a negative feedback (the child or the girl will feel sad and will cry). In case of choosing the correct one, the same thing will happen, but with the positive feedback, child will appear very satisfied.

It is an application designed to improve children social skills  and specially for children with a diagnosis of autistic spectrum disorder.

It is totally free and it is available in Apple Store.

Download Ios:

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How are you?

This week we let you know an application developed by Tap mobile for children with autism spectrum disorder.

With “How are you?” app, you can train facial expressions recognition implied in emotions such as surprise or feelings such as  falling in love, hapiness..


Game consist on selecting  expression of eyes, mouth, eyebrows… which macthes with a concrete emotion or feeling. Solution can be seen to learn it in a concious way, and, finally, make us a photo imitating that emotion or feeling.

Pictures can be saved, you can have an own facial expression album! Very useful for children aged 3 to 6 years old.

Available on Apple Store (0,99euros):

If you want to know more apps with people with this difficulties, do not forget to visit our Autism  section!

The social express

Good morning everyone!

This week we show you an app that will not leave anyone indifferent, especially if you work with autistic children, Asperger or people with emotional or social problems. It is called “The social express” (here is the link to the website: )


This is an aplication with excelent graphics, very usefull to maximize social skills. It contains 16 lessons and 30 different scenes.  Each lesson presents daily interactive social situations using video modeling, “hidden rules,” and suggestions for problem solving into daily life. You can improve aspects such as eye contact, understanding others emotions, managing angry situations using different strategies, problem solvin…, with basical instructions for beginners to more complex intruction for intermediate users.

It is an app designed to work in the classroom with autistic children. Thus, multidisciplinary work of different professionals in the center ( Professor of Special Education and the student tutor) is required.

Here you have a video where you can see how it really works:


The app is recommended from 8 years.

Disadvantages: It is only available in IOS operating system and the application is only in English. But it also offers the possibility to download it to your PC.

The app is priced at $ 4.99 per month or $ 53.89 a year.

Download IOS:

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