Brain on Physics

This week we suggest you a very entertained app to train Planing and problem-solving.

brain on physics1

In brain on physics you have to draw lines to get the truck in the grey zone. You need to plan and consider obstacles, high differences between the truck and the grey zone, gather coins in the middle…

Here you have and example:


It has different levels of difficulty. We recommend it from 16 years old and up.


We hope you like it!


Mind Twist

This week we show you and app developed to train attention, memory, visual perception and cognitive flexibility. 


The games that we find more interesting are the one which requieres mental flexibility, use of alternative strategies to solve a situation where you are required to figure out how to solve it. For instance, you see different animals on the screen and the instruction is “feed all the animales” you have to find a solution, in this case, you have solve it by feeding animales with other ones lower in the food chaine, a reasoning that you have to find out by your own. By training mental flexibility we improve covergent thinking (logic) as well as divergent thinking (alternatives solutions), a process strongly related with creativity.

You may see some examples in this video:

It is an entrertaining app that also provide you a score an feedback of your performance. It has different levels of difficulties.


Have a nice week!

NOT NOT -A brain buster

Are you goog in self-control? are you able to inhibit an “automatic” response? 

Through “NOT NOT-A brain buster” application you may train inhibitory process as well as processing speed. Instrucction are simple: move to the left, up, down… and randomly change to “non” instrucctions like “not left” (which would mean do the opposite: move to the right). There are other instructions using colors and other types of stimulus (go no go tasks). Time is important because is limited on  every trial, that’s the reason why we also train processing speed.

For brain process negative instructions is complicated to process, we used to process the positive ones, for instance, if we tell you: “not think in a pink elephant”, you have think in a pink elephant… the ability to control this kind of automatism is called “inhibition“, a process include in the term of “executive functions”.

This app has different levels of difficulty and may combine different instrucctions (e.g. “not down and not red”)


We hope you like it!

Number link

Are you good on planning and logical thinking? We dare you to try “Number Link“!

Though this app we can train executive functions (planning, reflesive thinking…) and logic thinking as well.

The instruction is simple: connect numbers without leaving empy spaces. There are several levels of diffulty.


















Have  a nice week!



Logic Safari

Today we suggest you a very  entertaining app that will test your logical thinking!

logic safari2

Logic safari  will make you solve challenges following rules, for instance, the problem of the gacelle, lettuce and the lion: a boatman has to tranfer the gacelle, lettuce and the lion one by one to the other side of the shore. Gacelle should not eat lettuce, lion shoud not eat the gacelle.   On “safari” part we has to solve this kind of challenges, on “elixir” we need to get bottles to unlock challenges, the way to do it is by solving locic exercices  (sequences such as: 2, 4, 6, 8, …, 12, 14, to infer numerical values through equalities among symbols, etc.).

With this application, we foster reasoning and executive functions such as planning,  sequencing or cognitive flexibility among others.

It is very entertaining and free! we recommend it for  adults or children up to 12 years old. 

Here you can see a demostration:

Links to download:

Have a nice week!


zen sand

New challences!!

The app we suggest you today is to train executive functions (planning) in a relaxing and entertaining way provided by app design.


The objective of the game is simple: hundreds of grains of sand fall down the screen, you must guide them into porcelain vases. Each vase displays a number that signifies the number of grains necessary to fill the vase to the brim. For this, user has to draw bamboo stalks by dragging his finger across the screen.

We suggest it for adults or children up to 12 years old.

Dowloand it free (17 levels free, purchases within the app):

See how it works:

Have a nice week!


Achtung Deep

This week Neuroapp team suggest you an entertaining app to train Executive functions (planning and cognitive flexibility), as well as processing speed.

In a limited time you should plan how submarine will reach the treasure, picking up coins and avoiding get out of the labyrinth.

acthund deep

We recommend it from 8 years old and up, adults will also love it (it contains different levels of difficulty).

Here you have a video with more information:

It is a free app available on Apple Store:

Have a nice week!

Be focused

“Be focused” is an application that we recommend you to foster sustained attention (maintenance of attention in long lasting tasks) and time management (organization).

You can include tasks (for example: study, do a paper), and add a timer. In this way you organize time you want to dedicate to each task. It offers a record of  completed tasks (work intervals, tasks completed, duration) by day, weeks and month; So you can follow your evolution of time  you are able to keep the attention in a task (sustained attention) and the tasks performed (organisation)


We recommend it for adults who want to better manage their time (workers, opponents, students etc.) and even for children (over 12 years old) with difficulties of attention and / or time management.

Free app, available on Apple Store: Https://

Have a nice week!


This app is developed by neuropsychologist, launched on 2016. It is currently subject of PH. D research. This application is based on neuropsychological models known as “go / no go” and “N-back”


The mechanic of the game is to press the screen in the presence of a specific stimulus, for example: “click when you see a barking dog”. Depending on the block in which user are (vigilance vs. inhibition) he must press the screen seldom_ discriminated between possible distractors and thus maintaining state of alert_ what is known as “vigilance or attention”; Or, on the contrary, we must press many times_ to hold back an automatic response_ what is known as “inhibition or self-control”. It has 60 games distributed in 2 different blocks (vigilance and inhibition) and 2 different levels. Additionally, it is developed to train working memory (in some exercises the user must press the presence of a sequence, for example: “press if you see a 3 after a 6” thus updating the information in its operating memory), and processing speed as well as visual and auditory discrimination given the presence of both types of stimulus, which may appear as a target or as a distractor.

Nexxo has been thought to improve attentional and behavioral processes as well as training with people with attention difficulties (Attention Deficit Disorder and / or Hyperactivity), difficulties in self-control and regulation of behavior, or cognitive impairment (aging and / or dementias). Nexxo allows to evaluate the type of errors committed: commission errors (the user hit the screen when he should not), and, omission errors (the user did not press when he should).



Buttons and Scissors

unnamedThis week Neuroapp recommends  you an app to improve executive functions as plan, reasoninglogical thinking and impulsive control. 

Buttons and Scissors“.

The game is very simple: it is necessary to plan the way of cutting all the buttons that apear on the screen, taking into account that only can be cut the buttons of the same color simultaneously.


It is a very original, simple and intuitive application. Recommended for all the ages from 10 years.

Available in Ios and in Android. In addition, it is totally free.

Download Ios:

Download Android:

How many buttons you will be able to cut?

See you next week!