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Good news for Neuroapp followers! this week we show you and app for people with oral speech difficulties (such as dysarthria (very common in cerebral palsy), autism, dementia..) Pictograms are images that help the user to form sentences, device reproduces aurally those sentences.

Is not the only app for this functions but is intuitive and customizable (user may add favorite places or draw new pictograms). It has also some adaptations for user with motor disability.

More info:


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Synonyms and Antonyms – LSP

This week we show you a free app for children aged 8 to 12 years old to train vocabulary and verbal reasoning trhough a game. Correct words (whether synonyms or antonyms) must to be alocated in the force field to prevent meteorites attack. It has 3 levels of difficulty.



Available in Ios and Android:


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Huff n´Puff

This week we show you an app designed by Duckie-Deck, developers of games and applications for children aged 3 to 6 years.

The app is designed to stimulate the oral communication through the breath; to re-educate breathing and obtaining a good control of the inspiration anda expirarion movementsand which are indispensable for oral language production. In this app what user has to do is to move different objects blowing through the microphone.

Captura de pantalla del iPhone 2

It is easy to use and it has attractive images, so it is totally accessible for any group: It has not  written text neither oral phrases which makes it perfect to be applied in different languages, it does not have distractors and the unique button of navigation exists in order to facilitates  user perfomance app managment.

It is available for Ios operating. You can download into the following link:

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Neuroapp shows you this week an application to work with children and train phonological conscience, vocabulary and attention. AnagrApp is an app  that consists of forming words by using the letters of the screen.

The level of difficulty comes from the number of letters that every level offers you. It contains tips for use when a word is difficult and the person cannot continue because he has remained “clogged”.

It has a wide vocabulary, without forgetting that verbs brought together are also words 😉

It is available in several languages: Spanish, English, Portuguese, French, German, Russian, Swedish and Italian.

It has more than 100 levels so it is easily adaptable to different ages.

It is free and it is available both in Ios and in Android.

Download Android:

Download Ios:

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Speed reading IQ

This week Neuroapp team have chosen an app to train Speed Reading as app of the week.

We haven chosen it because of the variety of exercices to train speed reading as well as for the posibility to incorporate our own books to personalise exercices.


Through 24 exercices such as searching words in a text, read in columns, reading at the time words are iluminated, distinguishing between pairs of words (if there are similar or not), reading focussing attention in a central point…, etc. we can foster speed on saccadic eyes movements (eyes movements while reading), and lexical route for reading (visual recognition of words through visual memory).

Speed reading IQ es free and available for IOS (complete version 3.49 euros):

ForAndroid we suggest app SPRITZ.

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1200x630bfGood morning! This week we show you a game for the whole family, a classic we like so much. eTABU is the app of the board game Taboo, the game of the banned words.

The game consists of guessing the words presented in the screen by the members of the team, without using any gesture, sound and, certainly, without saying any of the banned words.

Game rules are the following ones: Divide yourselves into two teams. Inside every team, choose the first player to describe the keyword. The opposite team also chooses another person in order to checks the answers. When the keyword is guessed the veryfying person hits the OK button [+1 point], in the case of breaking the rules, he pushes the WRONG one[-1 point]. When the set time has ended, the opposing team starts their turn according to the same rules.

You can choose several languages: English, German, Pole, Turk, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Greek and Russian.

With this app we can improve processes of verbal fluency and the inhibitory control. Recommended for children from 8 years.

Available in Android

ALso in Ios

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Smile and Learn

descargaToday we show you a summary of apps developed by the team of Smile and Learn in collaboration with educacional psychologists. (For more information, visit the web page: http: //

As they announce in their web, it is the first intelligent library of games and stories for children from 2 to 10 years old. It has got 10 apps totally free (rest of collection for 2,99 Euros), a total of 30 games tested by hundreds of educators, parents and children.


We can find applications like ” games of pairs”, “chess”, “bottom”, “puzzles”, “paint”, and so on.30 applications in order that the smallest kids could enjoy and learn at the same time.

It is available for tablets and smartphones iOS and Android. The first time that is opened, needs Internet connection to unload the library. Later, the children will be able to play without connection.

We hope that you like it!


This week  Neuroapp shows you a free and fantastic plataform of training available on line and as applicationidentifor

It was developped by pathers worried to know his kid interests and capabilities, useful too for adults. Identifor offers 40 games with different levels of difficulty to explore  multiple inteligence, executive functions and career interests.

Through his games user can train attention (for example searching for differences), memory (for example memory games not only visual but auditory games), working memory (for example by tapping images or sound which have appeared before), executive functions (for instance, inhibition, shift or planning), reasoning (for example, estimate, problem solving, to solve a trafic jam etc.), perception and orientation (for example, puzzles), language (for example forming words with sepate letters) math (for example, calculation) and processing speed. More over, it has a test of career interests..


It allows parents, educators and users asses efiency on different capabilities throug training time. Besides, it has fines research.



Available On line, on Apple Store and Google Play:

Enjoy it!

Peak-Brain Games

Do not let summer stunt your neurons…

This week we recommend you an app called “Peak-brain games”. This app has been choosen best app of the year 2014 in more than 24 countries.

With this brain training app you can train skills such as attention, memory, language, reasoning, executive functions, perception and emotion processing.

peak app

There are more than 40 exercises which will help you to improve those skills; more over, it offers to user the posibility to fit the program according to his age and follow his own evolution compared to other users as well.

One example of their working memory games consist of remembering in a grid some dangerous boxes, once they are hidden user has to trace a path to join two points avoiding dangerous boxes.

Available in several languages in Apple Store and Google Play:

Free version proposes some exercises each day of training. Purchases allowed though suscrpition.

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Dic Dic

Neuroapp dedicate the post of this week to younger children. Dic Dic, it is an educational application for learning to read: spelling, sound relating with graphs, introduction to reading and writing, etc.

It is available in several languages: Spanish, Catalan, British English, American English, Russian and French. In this way, it will allow you to train your native language or learning another one by practicing vocabulary. It also allows us to choose level of difficulty which you want to play. Also, it lets you using clues to solve games.

The game begins with spelling and individual dictation, with achievements and rewards that serve to mantain motivation game after game.


It is recommended for children among 3 to 12 years and developed with the scope of teachers and professors.

Available in Ios totally free and 100% safe, with no advertising or integrated sales.

We hope you enjoy it! Until next week !