New week…New challenges! This time we recomend you a free app where you may find exercices to train attention, maths, logical thinking and memory.

It has several levels of dificulty (easy,  medium and hard) and 4 types of exercices for each area. It fits quite well to adult level or up to 12-13 years old according to difficulty.


Some concentration exercices examples are the one where to find a different figure among others very similar (time score so we can also train processing speed), memory exercices such as, for instance, memorise a sequence of images and tap the one that is missed after solving and equation (which is and interference). Another example of logic exercices would be the ones where estimate visualising some balances which is the most heavy or lightweight, or maths exercice such as compare  operations to discern whether  result of one would be higher or lower, exercices of estimation and so on.

Totally free, available on Apple Store and Google Play:

Have a nice week!




Mensa Brain Training

New week…new challenges! Mensa Brain training allows to train concentration, memoryreasoning, agility and perception through simple games.

Games such as tangram (complete pieces in a figure), sequences (memorise an ordered sequence), colored words  (detect logically a different word among others) etc.


Mensa Brain training evaluate your skills through games to propose you a training suitable for your level. More over, it compares your level to others users level.

A difference among other brain training suscription is that suscription is more economical than others  (2 euros/moth o 9,99/year, download is free).

Available on Apple Store:

More information:


Have a nice week!

Smile and Learn

descargaToday we show you a summary of apps developed by the team of Smile and Learn in collaboration with educacional psychologists. (For more information, visit the web page: http: //

As they announce in their web, it is the first intelligent library of games and stories for children from 2 to 10 years old. It has got 10 apps totally free (rest of collection for 2,99 Euros), a total of 30 games tested by hundreds of educators, parents and children.


We can find applications like ” games of pairs”, “chess”, “bottom”, “puzzles”, “paint”, and so on.30 applications in order that the smallest kids could enjoy and learn at the same time.

It is available for tablets and smartphones iOS and Android. The first time that is opened, needs Internet connection to unload the library. Later, the children will be able to play without connection.

We hope that you like it!


This week  Neuroapp shows you a free and fantastic plataform of training available on line and as applicationidentifor

It was developped by pathers worried to know his kid interests and capabilities, useful too for adults. Identifor offers 40 games with different levels of difficulty to explore  multiple inteligence, executive functions and career interests.

Through his games user can train attention (for example searching for differences), memory (for example memory games not only visual but auditory games), working memory (for example by tapping images or sound which have appeared before), executive functions (for instance, inhibition, shift or planning), reasoning (for example, estimate, problem solving, to solve a trafic jam etc.), perception and orientation (for example, puzzles), language (for example forming words with sepate letters) math (for example, calculation) and processing speed. More over, it has a test of career interests..


It allows parents, educators and users asses efiency on different capabilities throug training time. Besides, it has fines research.



Available On line, on Apple Store and Google Play:

Enjoy it!


This week Neuroapp proposes you train your brain to reduce postvacational syndrome! Trough Memorando app you can train your focus, logic and memory skills; besides, developers have included a new section of mindfulness. Midfulness is an oriental technique to train focus thought self conciousness; for this, not only focus is required but relaxation, what could best after holidays?


There are different levels of difficulty and exercices, such as “full shelf” where you have to design a path avoinding some points that you have seen before. More over, the aplication provides to user  evolution through the game.

Dowload is free with different options of  purchases.

Available for different operative systems:

See you next week! Do not forget to train your brain!

Peak-Brain Games

Do not let summer stunt your neurons…

This week we recommend you an app called “Peak-brain games”. This app has been choosen best app of the year 2014 in more than 24 countries.

With this brain training app you can train skills such as attention, memory, language, reasoning, executive functions, perception and emotion processing.

peak app

There are more than 40 exercises which will help you to improve those skills; more over, it offers to user the posibility to fit the program according to his age and follow his own evolution compared to other users as well.

One example of their working memory games consist of remembering in a grid some dangerous boxes, once they are hidden user has to trace a path to join two points avoiding dangerous boxes.

Available in several languages in Apple Store and Google Play:

Free version proposes some exercises each day of training. Purchases allowed though suscrpition.

Have a nice week!

Memory and Attention

This week Neuroapp recommend you an app to train memory and attention. Memory and Attention is an application developed by  Hedgehogacademy, in his Web site you can find other apps (

Memory and Attention is a simple, intuitive and attractive app, for children from 4 years old, where the have to solve attentional tasks such as cancelation tasks (tap pictures equal to a model, for example), memory tasks, working memory as well (for example, remember a serie of numbers associated to some pictures). Is has several levels of difficulty so it may be useful for older children.

memory and attention

There is a free version available on several languages (complet version 0.99). Available on Aple Store and Google Play:

We hope you like it!

Memoria y Atención

Esta semana Neuroapp os propone una app para entrenar la memoria y la atención. Memoria y Atención es una aplicación desarrollada por Hedgehogacademy, en su página web encontraréis otras aplicaciones (

Memoria y atención es una aplicación sencilla, intuitiva y atractiva, para niños a partir de 4 años, donde tendrán que realizar tareas de atención (como tareas de cancelación (pulsar sobre los dibujos iguales a un modelo, por ejemplo), tareas de memoria, inclusive memoria de trabajo (por ejemplo, recordar una serie de números asociados a unos dibujos). Cuenta con varios niveles de dificultad por lo que es útil con niños más mayores.

memoria y atencion

Hay disponible una versión gratuita en varios idiomas (la versión completa 0.99). Disponible en Apple Store y Google Play:

¡Esperamos que os guste!


This week we show you  HERO TRAINER, an app developed by the team of “Vitalia” (elderly care centre of reference in Spain:


This application allows us to train memory, time-spatial orientation and logic in a fun way. It has multiple activities; here is one example of the many activities you can find in the app, to improve visual acuity or semantic memory.

                                   vitaliaherotrainer2_51aaff325af0c_full                    vitaliaherotrainer2_51aaff3132fc4_full

TRAINER HERO is an app usable for:

  • Therapeutical support to day centers and nursing homes. It can be used by occupational therapists and neuropsychologists in their cognitive stimulation programs.
  • Support to families of elderly with memory loss or time-spatial disorientation.

It is available in Ios and has two versions: Here are both links to download:



Users of this app are all those who wish to keep mid fit and active as a preventional tool, or those seniors with memory loss or dementia.

We hope you enjoy it!

Brain training-Remember the circles


Neuroapp proposes a new challence for this week: an aplication to foster your concentration and short term memory. “Brain training-remember the circles” is a simple app where you should memorise circles that has been iluminated on the screen (tap each one once they have been disappeared), in the same order, mirow view or those of a concret color which is required in the instruction. It has four levels of difficulty.

circles 2

We recommendit from 7-8 years and up. It is free and available on several languages (English and Spanish among them).

Available on Google and Apple Store:

He hope you like it!