Number link

Are you good on planning and logical thinking? We dare you to try “Number Link“!

Though this app we can train executive functions (planning, reflesive thinking…) and logic thinking as well.

The instruction is simple: connect numbers without leaving empy spaces. There are several levels of diffulty.


















Have  a nice week!





This week we show you an app based on the clasic game “Master mind”.

In this game there are on table with docts for putting some pins of different colors (5 options). One player decide wich combinations to pins for a table (“secret code”) and the other player has to trying to find out that “secret code”. On different trial this player will punt some pins and the other one will put a white pink on the right side to let the other player know which ones are correct. It can be played individually agains the machine. Throught different trials the player has to discard the colors not possibles according to the other player feedback. Logic thinking (decuctions and strategy) is strongly required to solve this game on few trials.


We recomend it from 10 years old and up.

Free version on Google Play and Apple Store:

We hope you enjoy it!

Logic Safari

Today we suggest you a very  entertaining app that will test your logical thinking!

logic safari2

Logic safari  will make you solve challenges following rules, for instance, the problem of the gacelle, lettuce and the lion: a boatman has to tranfer the gacelle, lettuce and the lion one by one to the other side of the shore. Gacelle should not eat lettuce, lion shoud not eat the gacelle.   On “safari” part we has to solve this kind of challenges, on “elixir” we need to get bottles to unlock challenges, the way to do it is by solving locic exercices  (sequences such as: 2, 4, 6, 8, …, 12, 14, to infer numerical values through equalities among symbols, etc.).

With this application, we foster reasoning and executive functions such as planning,  sequencing or cognitive flexibility among others.

It is very entertaining and free! we recommend it for  adults or children up to 12 years old. 

Here you can see a demostration:

Links to download:

Have a nice week!



New week…New challenges! This time we recomend you a free app where you may find exercices to train attention, maths, logical thinking and memory.

It has several levels of dificulty (easy,  medium and hard) and 4 types of exercices for each area. It fits quite well to adult level or up to 12-13 years old according to difficulty.


Some concentration exercices examples are the one where to find a different figure among others very similar (time score so we can also train processing speed), memory exercices such as, for instance, memorise a sequence of images and tap the one that is missed after solving and equation (which is and interference). Another example of logic exercices would be the ones where estimate visualising some balances which is the most heavy or lightweight, or maths exercice such as compare  operations to discern whether  result of one would be higher or lower, exercices of estimation and so on.

Totally free, available on Apple Store and Google Play:

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Slate Math

Good morning everyone! This week we show you a very complete app, “Slate Math”.  screen-shot-2014-06-09-at-6-23-34-pm

It is an  application for Ipad, in which children  train multiple mathematical processes across 38 playful activities. It is designed for children up to 6 years, though it is ideal for children with discalculia. In addition, it can be used to train other cognitive processes as selective and sustained  attention, reasoning and problem solving.

It contains activities of counting, exercises of major – equally – minor, writting numbers, etc.


It is available in several languages. Here is the donwlaod  link:

It is totally free, so we encourage you to prove and play with it.

We hope you like it as much as we do!

Mensa Brain Training

New week…new challenges! Mensa Brain training allows to train concentration, memoryreasoning, agility and perception through simple games.

Games such as tangram (complete pieces in a figure), sequences (memorise an ordered sequence), colored words  (detect logically a different word among others) etc.


Mensa Brain training evaluate your skills through games to propose you a training suitable for your level. More over, it compares your level to others users level.

A difference among other brain training suscription is that suscription is more economical than others  (2 euros/moth o 9,99/year, download is free).

Available on Apple Store:

More information:


Have a nice week!


Do you underestimate your ability to plan? The app we propose you this week fosters your logic, sequencing, planning and supervision skills, this app is very useful to train reasoning and executive functions, skills hardly needed to programming.


Cargo-bot proposes a serie of challenges (put blocks in different spaces) providing possible moves. User has to plan logically  a sequence of movements to reach a goal, once the sequence has been programmed the result can be seen in order to detect possible failures and adjust program.

It has 5 levels of difficulty. We recommend ir for adults or up to 12 years old.


As curiosity, this is the first game developed completely from Ipad  by using   Codea™.

Is a free app available on Apple Store:

Nice week!


This week  Neuroapp shows you a free and fantastic plataform of training available on line and as applicationidentifor

It was developped by pathers worried to know his kid interests and capabilities, useful too for adults. Identifor offers 40 games with different levels of difficulty to explore  multiple inteligence, executive functions and career interests.

Through his games user can train attention (for example searching for differences), memory (for example memory games not only visual but auditory games), working memory (for example by tapping images or sound which have appeared before), executive functions (for instance, inhibition, shift or planning), reasoning (for example, estimate, problem solving, to solve a trafic jam etc.), perception and orientation (for example, puzzles), language (for example forming words with sepate letters) math (for example, calculation) and processing speed. More over, it has a test of career interests..


It allows parents, educators and users asses efiency on different capabilities throug training time. Besides, it has fines research.



Available On line, on Apple Store and Google Play:

Enjoy it!


This week Neuroapp proposes you train your brain to reduce postvacational syndrome! Trough Memorando app you can train your focus, logic and memory skills; besides, developers have included a new section of mindfulness. Midfulness is an oriental technique to train focus thought self conciousness; for this, not only focus is required but relaxation, what could best after holidays?


There are different levels of difficulty and exercices, such as “full shelf” where you have to design a path avoinding some points that you have seen before. More over, the aplication provides to user  evolution through the game.

Dowload is free with different options of  purchases.

Available for different operative systems:

See you next week! Do not forget to train your brain!

Peak-Brain Games

Do not let summer stunt your neurons…

This week we recommend you an app called “Peak-brain games”. This app has been choosen best app of the year 2014 in more than 24 countries.

With this brain training app you can train skills such as attention, memory, language, reasoning, executive functions, perception and emotion processing.

peak app

There are more than 40 exercises which will help you to improve those skills; more over, it offers to user the posibility to fit the program according to his age and follow his own evolution compared to other users as well.

One example of their working memory games consist of remembering in a grid some dangerous boxes, once they are hidden user has to trace a path to join two points avoiding dangerous boxes.

Available in several languages in Apple Store and Google Play:

Free version proposes some exercises each day of training. Purchases allowed though suscrpition.

Have a nice week!