100 buttons

Happy new year!

Today we suggest you an app to train self-control (inhibitoty control), working memory and processing speed.

100 buttons is an app in which different buttons of different colors appear on the screen. The instructions changes screen to screen. In some of then we have to move some button, others not to tapp some colors (e.g. not blue-not green-not yellow) thus deciding which one should be tapped, others totapp the buttons attending the color in the instruction and not the written word (stroop-like instruction), tapping the one writting in opposite sense ect. All of the instructions must be completed as fast as possible.

100 buttons

To play to this app fluent reading and colors distintion is required.

Free download:


We hope you like it!





New week… new challenges!

Today Neuroapp team suggest you and app “jigsaw-type”.

Slice app present us different pizza, fruit or other shapes that user has to complete,different pieces are shown and user has to chose in which pizza, fruit or other shape that piece will match considering possition and orientation.


This app is useful to train visual and spatial orientation, as well as processing speed because there is limited time to solve it. We recommend it from 10 years and up. It is challenging and entertaining.




More info:


We hope you like it!


BubbleTap – Attention! Wasps!

Hello everyone! today we show you a fun app to train specially processing speed and inhibitory control. 

In just a minute or so you have to to tapp all the bubbles that you can (they move quite fast) avoiding to tap wasps. You should be fast to tap as much as you can and reach your best mark!

Free download:


We hope you like it!


NOT NOT -A brain buster

Are you goog in self-control? are you able to inhibit an “automatic” response? 

Through “NOT NOT-A brain buster” application you may train inhibitory process as well as processing speed. Instrucction are simple: move to the left, up, down… and randomly change to “non” instrucctions like “not left” (which would mean do the opposite: move to the right). There are other instructions using colors and other types of stimulus (go no go tasks). Time is important because is limited on  every trial, that’s the reason why we also train processing speed.

For brain process negative instructions is complicated to process, we used to process the positive ones, for instance, if we tell you: “not think in a pink elephant”, you have think in a pink elephant… the ability to control this kind of automatism is called “inhibition“, a process include in the term of “executive functions”.

This app has different levels of difficulty and may combine different instrucctions (e.g. “not down and not red”)




We hope you like it!

Speed reading IQ

This week Neuroapp team have chosen an app to train Speed Reading as app of the week.

We haven chosen it because of the variety of exercices to train speed reading as well as for the posibility to incorporate our own books to personalise exercices.


Through 24 exercices such as searching words in a text, read in columns, reading at the time words are iluminated, distinguishing between pairs of words (if there are similar or not), reading focussing attention in a central point…, etc. we can foster speed on saccadic eyes movements (eyes movements while reading), and lexical route for reading (visual recognition of words through visual memory).

Speed reading IQ es free and available for IOS (complete version 3.49 euros):


ForAndroid we suggest app SPRITZ.

Have a nice week!

Achtung Deep

This week Neuroapp team suggest you an entertaining app to train Executive functions (planning and cognitive flexibility), as well as processing speed.

In a limited time you should plan how submarine will reach the treasure, picking up coins and avoiding get out of the labyrinth.

acthund deep

We recommend it from 8 years old and up, adults will also love it (it contains different levels of difficulty).

Here you have a video with more information:

It is a free app available on Apple Store:


Have a nice week!


This app is developed by neuropsychologist, launched on 2016. It is currently subject of PH. D research. This application is based on neuropsychological models known as “go / no go” and “N-back”


The mechanic of the game is to press the screen in the presence of a specific stimulus, for example: “click when you see a barking dog”. Depending on the block in which user are (vigilance vs. inhibition) he must press the screen seldom_ discriminated between possible distractors and thus maintaining state of alert_ what is known as “vigilance or attention”; Or, on the contrary, we must press many times_ to hold back an automatic response_ what is known as “inhibition or self-control”. It has 60 games distributed in 2 different blocks (vigilance and inhibition) and 2 different levels. Additionally, it is developed to train working memory (in some exercises the user must press the presence of a sequence, for example: “press if you see a 3 after a 6” thus updating the information in its operating memory), and processing speed as well as visual and auditory discrimination given the presence of both types of stimulus, which may appear as a target or as a distractor.

Nexxo has been thought to improve attentional and behavioral processes as well as training with people with attention difficulties (Attention Deficit Disorder and / or Hyperactivity), difficulties in self-control and regulation of behavior, or cognitive impairment (aging and / or dementias). Nexxo allows to evaluate the type of errors committed: commission errors (the user hit the screen when he should not), and, omission errors (the user did not press when he should).




Mensa Brain Training

New week…new challenges! Mensa Brain training allows to train concentration, memoryreasoning, agility and perception through simple games.

Games such as tangram (complete pieces in a figure), sequences (memorise an ordered sequence), colored words  (detect logically a different word among others) etc.


Mensa Brain training evaluate your skills through games to propose you a training suitable for your level. More over, it compares your level to others users level.

A difference among other brain training suscription is that suscription is more economical than others  (2 euros/moth o 9,99/year, download is free).

Available on Apple Store:


More information:


Have a nice week!


This week Neuroapp proposes you to train selective attention, visual perception and processing speed with Vipsy.

This application contains 6 levels of difficulty and multiplayer options so several players can play at the same time. Task is very simple: you have to select the image which gather the caracteristics required (for example, a caracter with blue hair, glasess and closed mouth) and doing it in a limited time, so, proccessing speed is crutial factor to be the winner. You can play with faces or figures.


Available in Apple Store (1.99$) and Google Play (1.28 euros):


We hope you like it!

Peak-Brain Games

Do not let summer stunt your neurons…

This week we recommend you an app called “Peak-brain games”. This app has been choosen best app of the year 2014 in more than 24 countries.

With this brain training app you can train skills such as attention, memory, language, reasoning, executive functions, perception and emotion processing.

peak app

There are more than 40 exercises which will help you to improve those skills; more over, it offers to user the posibility to fit the program according to his age and follow his own evolution compared to other users as well.

One example of their working memory games consist of remembering in a grid some dangerous boxes, once they are hidden user has to trace a path to join two points avoiding dangerous boxes.

Available in several languages in Apple Store and Google Play:



Free version proposes some exercises each day of training. Purchases allowed though suscrpition.

Have a nice week!